About us

About Us

VS Mobiles is the largest mobile retail in Rajahmundry. We cater to the Ap ’s consumers choice with the widest range of mobile phones. The series of core improvements initiated 19 years ago by M.Vijay Kumar has now resulted in a high-class retailing organization that is powered as much by technology as by its team.

VS Mobiles engaged in the business of retail mobile marketing of all branded handsets, connections, accessories & repair services under one roof in a world-class retail ambiance in Rajahmundry. Strong relationships with all the manufacturers, VS Mobiles presenting a single face to its customers assures the same level of support (warranties, service, many more) from every single outlet.

VS Mobiles is a One Stop Shop concept where all mobile phone needs will be taken care of right from selecting the perfect handset to jazzing it up with funky accessories, from new connections to the latest ringtones – all under one roof keeping Customers Convenience as a Primary Concern. This had resulted in building a strong satisfied customer base.

The VS Mobiles Workforce
The ability to attract, develop and retain a spirited, motivated and committed workforce is one of the key reasons for VS Mobiles’s success. , This helped this establishment a garner vast base of consumers, which continues to grow by the day.